Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tom Ford wants Tom Ford...Surprised?

Tom Ford for GUCCI Cher Dress @Vnyc

It's always a hoot to hear about what Tom Ford is up to. Whether it's humping blow-up dolls, art-directing porno-chic perfume adverts (Estee Lauder's turning in her grave...), or designing monogram slippers in cheetah skin; he's always deliciously outre, self-promotional and absurdly well manicured. Basically, he kind of annoys us... No matter, we recognize what he did for Gucci & YSL. How he injected (and injects) sex into everything. How his best collections projected louche, smoky, powerful femininity.


In this spirit of admiration without snark we offer an item from one of our favorite TF for Gucci shows. It is a black, pure cashmere, fringed-hem,
cut-out gown from his late 90's American-Indian/ Cher collection. It is an exceptional base for layering (Olsen style, perhaps) and, as such, allows you to go from the office to a Holiday party w/o a trip home. In fact, its so versatile, it'll stand up to a consecutive day in the office, since you're likely to have slept at someone elses house the night before.

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