Monday, November 30, 2009

Smart Buy: Marni's Bottle Green Dress

This week's Smart Buy, from Marni, is of course another easy year-round wear, versatile dress-up or dress-down number. Its a simple dolman sleeved dress that has pleats running down the front and back and comes in one of the house's signature hues, lush bottle green. Its charming simplicity happens to be quite beneficial since it could be thought of as a blank canvas for unlimited layering options. Wear it belted to highlight it's beautiful cut, or un-belted for a relaxed, fluid option. The subtle genius and charm of this dress's endless allure is yet another reminder of why the label has so many hardcore devotees.

MARNI Bottle Green Pleated & Belted Dress-$212

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Micro Trend: Variations on the Scarf Print

80's GIANNI VERSACE Scarf Print Blouse-$328

PUCCI Graphic Scarf Print Chain Handle Minuaderie-$188

Playing with the notion of the leisurely times that are the basis of Resort, Prada's Resort 2010 collection was a far cry from this fall's austerity with it's fresh take on the iconic scarf print, a resort stand-by. While at Pucci, a house known for it's scarf prints, Peter Dundas sent out a brigade of some of the sexiest variations on the house's printed legacy. Which brings us to our point, incorporating the whimsical appeal of scarf prints into the everyday wardrobe.

Take this 80's era Gianni Versace scarf printed blouse for instance, its soothing blue colorway and bold ultra-femme print will look just as good on the beach paired with some short shorts as it would at the office under a smart blazer with some relaxed pants. And if prints of such bold nature aren't your thing, think about how easily our Pucci silk printed minauderie can liven up even the strictest of looks with just a splash of opulence.

Prada Resort 2010
Emilio Pucci by Peter Dundas Fall/Winter 2009

Comme Des Garcons Brutal & Inexcusable 1992

Just as fashion videos have begun to take importance, we've unearthed this funny gem from Comme des Garcons circa 1992. Even though it's dated in it's appeal, we'd still wear all of those clothes.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Completely Gratuitous: Liaisons Dangereuses

Here's a song one of us has been listening to since the beginning of the decade from band Liasons Dangereuses-Etre Assis Ou Danser. It's vintage and it's from 1981 and it comes just like how we like our vintage clothes: slick and well produced with lots of attitude & charisma, a dirty sense of charm and a feeling that it's so out-of-control cool, that you can't believe it's from '81. Okay, the Marquis De Sade inspired lyrics are scary after translation, but that perverseness is a whole other story.

And check out Dj Frederic Sanchez's addictive music journal here, the Miu Miu & Prada soundtracks are beyond excellent.

COMING SOON: New Holiday Arrivals Next Week

Here's a quick sneak-peek from our trove of luxe essentials to come in the next week from VagaBond Nyc's holiday range:

We love Gianni Versace, we love body-con, and we love a smart variation on the essential l-b-d, and this early 90's sculptural, opitcal checkered print Versace number, completely reinstated our appreciation of the iconic designer. Honestly, this quick snap doesn't do this dress justice, when it's on, all the intentional creases move away from the body, almost as if is paper, giving it this sensational va-va-voom shape. Then there's the fabric strings attached that you can make into a necklace or tie around the bust for a bold s&m direction. A single piece that you can easily take from haute lady to naughty? Now there's a whole new alternative to the "day-into-night" cliche.
Thanks to our love of Versace & Lacroix, and today's resurgence of all things Baroque, appreciating the unique beauty of these early 90's Charles Jourdan red suede court shoes came instinctively. They caught our eye with their in-your-face nod to the heavily gilded, flamboyant decorations of that era, and really hit the mark on what's right for today.

This 80's era blouson has so many irresistible qualities to it that it instantly becomes an easy must-have closet staple for year-round wear thanks to its tunic length dolman shape, puckered sleeves and floral rose gold metallic finish. Pair it with everything from men's flannel trousers to ivory shorts and drapey disco skirts, the directions you can take this are virtually endless.

Coming Soon: Dec. 7th/09

Friday, November 27, 2009

Vnyc Featured on

Lovely Silvia from came and spent the afternoon with us last week to check out the Vnyc studio and pick our brains about style and of course, vintage. She charmed us with her sweet Italian accent and her own knowledge on all things fashion. Click here to check out the full piece, where she noted:

"What makes Vagabondnyc stand out from the myriad of all other vintage online shops is the two kids sense of style; which paired with their buying skills ends up in a unique, constantly evolving collection and inspiring editorials."

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving from Vnyc

We wish all of you out there a very happy, warm Thanksgiving and hope you start the holidays out surrounded by loved ones, laughter and good times!

P.S-We couldn't help but include shots of one of our favorite holiday ready stunners, this early 90's off-the-shoulder black velvet body-con dress that's decorated with a gilt Baroque inspired applique resting on the bust. Why? First of all, for a holiday dress, it's sexy and so easy to wear, but most of all, at the moment one of us is really into the whole French Rive Gauche haute bourgeois feeling of it. Yes, thanks to parts of Chloe Fall 2009, we are totally into lush black velvet, gold threaded detailing, bows of all sizes, pleated organza, all with a chic French feeling... you get it!

90's Black Velvet Body-Con Dress w Gold Neckline-$138

Monday, November 23, 2009

Accessory of the week: 80's Coin Earrings

Our latest Accessory of the Week comes to you via the 80's and it's infatuation with southwestern textiles and jewelry. These dramatic dusty silver etched coin earrings are a smart way to corner today's 80's revival while not looking too much the part.

80's Southwestern Etched Coin Dangle Earrings

Comme Des Garcons + The Beatles

This month Rei Kawakubo unveiled her latest collaboration(her group Comme Des Garcons, has a never ending roster of collabos) with the estate of The Beatles for a small capusle collection. While the idea may seem a bit strange given the band's history, we have to say, the bag above with its use of the iconic green apples and Kawakubo's love of polka-dots, looks so darn cool given its structured off-kilter shape.

Friday, November 20, 2009

50+ New Reasons to Hit Up

Here's a quick peek at some our favorite latest additions up now at We've recently added over 50+ awesome, one-of-a-kind, carefully edited pieces to keep all of you out there looking fresh, + don't forget free-shipping worldwide, always.

80's Confetti Handknit Cardigan-$124

60's Khaki Taffeta Waterproof Cape-$168

80's Black Wool & Leather Dolman Sleeve Jacket-$188

90's Sheer Black Minimal Blouse-$86

CHLOE Atlantic Blue Knit Jersey Top-$158

LANVIN Black Washed Silk Trapeze Coat from 2007-$598

VagaBond Nyc Featured by Dead Cool

Here's a sweet little email drop our new friend's at Dead Cool sent out this afternoon about yours truly!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Smart Buy: Lanvin Fur Collar Cardigan

Our latest Smart Buy comes from Alber Elbaz's sensational Hiver 2006 collection for LANVIN with this ultra-chic, classic brown cable knit fitted cardigan that comes with the house's superior attention to detail. It boasts a supple removable black Mongolian fur collar, a curved front hem, two front patch pockets and contrasting black chiffon edging and chiffon covered buttons. Dress it up, dress it down, this is definately something you'll end up wearing year-round.

LANVIN Cable Knit Cardigan with Fur Collar-$498

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bye-Bye Rudi

Our highly collectible and super-iconic 60's Rudi Gernreich contrast dress has just been nabbed by Mode Museum, a museum which accounts for fashion-related presentations in Belgium, which makes us happy that it's on it's way to such a respectful and dignified organization.

To check out more about click here

Hussein Chalayan + Nomenus Quarterly: Interval

Nomenus Quarterly may be the world's most expensive & highly collectible fashion magazine, and while it doesn't offer the sassy, slick, tricked out packaging and product development that the world's other highly elusive & expensive magazine Visionaire does, we enjoy that it is low key, beautifully executed and best of all, completely free for online viewing.

Pictured above is a still from Interval, Nomenus & Hussein Chalayan's must-see short film directed by Jamie Isaia with cinematography by Andres Von Sheele & Stephen Blaise. It is so epic, it may just be our favorite fashion film yet.

Click here to view Interval

Must Have: Hermes Leica M7 Edition

You can wrap just about anything in Hermes' classic luxury signatures, let's say even if it's an Hermes microwave, and we will want it. And with only 100 of their must-have collaboration with Leica on the M7 available in orange or etoupe calfskin leather, the lust-worthy factor may hit the roof indeed. Too bad they are set to retail at $14,250...yikes!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dead Cool: Sign Up for the Skinny

There are a lot of daily "lifestyle guide" email services out there, and while we have to admit that it's been a long while for us to open any since they seem to over state the obvious, like those from Daily Candy for example, recently launched Dead Cool caught our attention with it's taste for the unconventional.

"Dead Cool is a free daily email turning you on to unconventional fashion, music, art, night life and hotspots."

Sign-Up here to get schooled on what's up!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

COMING SOON: 30+ Vintage Arrivals Next Week

Next week we'll be adding more than 30 carefully edited vintage pieces to the site, but until then, here's a quick sneak-peek at what's caught our fancy as of late...

This iconic 80's era Gianni Versace scarf print blouse is a quirky nod to the decade's hyper-romanticized infatuation with all things Baroque.

We love clothes that speak to no specific time & place and John Galliano's gem-tone jacket smartly channels the heady glamor of 30's era MGM starlets while utilizing today's advancements in precision tailoring. It's architectural peplum and sleek finishing are sure to make it look just as chic with a high-waisted pencil skirt as it would with some peg-leg jeans.

We've been trying to get our hands on as much Kansai Yamamoto as we can for years now and this 80's era reversible belted knit coat happens to be one of the strongest pieces we have come across as of yet. One side's a bottle green tribal knit while the other's a giddy rainbow stripe, need we say more about how over-the-top cool this piece is?

From the 90's come these three Issey Miyake variations on classic cat-eye sunglasses in unexpected candy hues.

From Richard Nicoll, one of our favorite young designers from London, comes this flirtatious twist on the classic pin-up high-waisted skirt with vampy Swiss dot lace panels and a prominent front zipper.

Here's an 80's era showstopper from collectible designer Claude Montana that quietly hits three of this season's biggest trends with it's voluminous shoulders, tribal suede & snake neckline and body-con knit construction.

Everything will be available Nov. 7th