Friday, January 30, 2009

The Inevitable Return of 30's & 40's Silhouettes

With the recession right up in all of our faces, it came as no surprise to see the recent Couture offerings we saw in Paris referencing 30's & 40's shapes considering that that time too was a very trying, special time of glamour against all odds. And looking back at fashion history, early 80's American sportswear also heavily, however optimistically, referenced those difficult times, and this 80's era Norma Kamali dress is a prime example. It has that bodacious, yet restrained 40's shape with strong shoulders, a nipped waist and a flirty a-line skirt but the strictness of the cut has been softened by saccharine sweet polka-dots and a plunging cowl-neck.

80's NORMA KAMALI Dotted Cowl-Neck Dress-$328

Accessory of the Week: 80's Falchi Cross-Body

Life in the city can be tough sometimes, what with this ridiculous winter and inconsistent methods of transportation, so it's not uncommon to see one walking around with what looks like a body-bag filled with the day's necessities. And while it's true that the bigger the bag is, the more functional it can be, those bags prove to be full of roadblocks when you are trying to get something out quickly, and they are far from dainty. Plus, you just can't relax with a 25 pound tote on your arm. So why not check out some of the great mini cross-body bags we have been collecting for some time now. Take this chic matte metallic bronze 80's era Carlos Falchi bag for instance, its small enough to conveniently stow away everything you need for the evening, and it has a wonderful, even glamorous, utilitarian appeal.

80's CARLOS FALCHI U-Shaped Metallic Cross-Body Bag-$106

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Model Moment: Clement Chabernaud

For the past few season's we have had the biggest crush on model Clement Chabernaud and his sweet doe eyes... whatever show he's walking, his face always sticks out from the rest.

Raf Simons...The Best in Menswear

Jil Sander Spring 2009

The earlier part of this decade may have been all about Heidi Slimane's considerably significant contribution to the world of menswear with his classic sharp tailoring and edgy rock inspired slim fitting sportswear. And while that was an undeniably great moment in fashion history, we think Raf Simons is today's most important man in men's fashion, at his own namesake label and as head of Jil Sander. He too creates a very natty, well tailored structure, and while there is something strikingly sober about his collections, there is always a very strong new idea that underlies everything. And very smartly, he seems to re-interpret key trends in current women's wear for men, such as the fantastic crisp color-blocked short sleeved suiting we saw at Jil Sander for this upcoming Spring, or the incredibly dashing contrast suiting with molded sci-fi sleeves, neon boleros and angular cuts from his namesake collection for Fall 2009. What also sets him apart is that while his ideas are provocative, they aren't too loud nor pretentious, instead they are always wearable without any of the gimmicky trimmings & tricks that other designers seem to overload their menswear collections with.

Raf Simons Fall 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Classic Helmut Lang by the man himself

90's HELMUT LANG Fitted Chinoiserie Top-$188

While we have truly missed HELMUT LANG'S visionary presence on the scene for the past few season's, we have to admit that every time we come across any of his pieces, they still seduce us! They were so ahead of their time and so austere & modern that they still look current if not forward even. He was the first to do many things, and when we find his dated pieces, it always astounds us when, for instance, the khaki "tape" skirt pictured below is from 1996, because like all of his creations, it just looks and feels so fresh.

HELMUT LANG Black Asymmetrical Ruffled Top-$198
90's HELMUT LANG Khaki "Black Tape" Skirt-$114
Men's HELMUT LANG Inside-Out Pocket Jeans-$180

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Happened to Chloe??? Pre-Fall 2009

With the economy the way it is these days it makes the rise of pre-fall collections very sensible since they allow buyers and customers alike to see the true core of a new collection, the stand-by, classic pieces that will make it to stores. However Chloe's latest pre-fall showing for 2009 really has us confused. First, we must admit that Hannah MacGibbon does have a keen eye for soft, natural color pallettes and clothing with a wonderful, yet minimal luxe appeal. And with Chloe's blockbuster trapeze collection from Spring 2006 still influencing scores of copyists, we understand that like the ill-faited tenure of Paulo Melim Andersson before her, MacGibbon is out to score new ground for Chloe. However, with Chloe's phenomenally high price-points, we find this new collection incredibly dull, and the purchase of any of these pieces incredibly hard to justify. Why go to Chloe for pieces like this when you can easily find items like these from the likes of A.P.C, J.Crew and Agnes B? Where are any of the cool, flirty, and undeniably fresh updates that made Chloe such a force to begin with?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Knit Wit: The Genius of 80's Gianni Versace Knits

This 80's sweater from celebrated designer GIANNI VERSACE reminds us of something many don't seem to touch on when they remember the icon, his extraordinary, mad-cap knits! Like his peers Kenzo, Krizia & Kansai, Versace was producing knitwear like never seen before. Bright, humurous and bravely maximalist, these knits helped define the decade. This number above hits many of our favorite notes today with it's harlequin tiled front in a very subdued plum palette, western-inspired fringed trim and voluminous dolman sleeves. And with the brutally cold weather we have been seeing in New York this season, we couldn't think of a better base for bundling up.

80's GIANNI VERSACE Plum Argyle Fringed Dolman Sweater-$298

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Accessory of the Week: 70's Metallic Rope Belt

As if it were taken straight out of Marissa Berenson's wardrobe in the 70's comes this utterly glamorous metallic rope belt that has bulbous gold tassel ends. Its a rather witty riff on a lavish curtain tie-back. Imagine pairing it year-round with your favorite printed chiffon boho pieces, and just think of how drop-dead sexy it would be paired over a maillot while on holiday, cigarette wand in hand accompanied by a turban, large sunglasses, sky-scraper stilettos and of course, the requisite martini on stand-by.

70's Metallic Rope Tassel Belt-$68

Strictly for Laughs!

Henry Holland, of House of Holland, the genius behind last year's slogan t-shirt craze has brought his clever wit to the forefront again this season with a line of cheeky, and once again designer inspired(for all the die-hard fans of course!) range of t-shirts that are emblazoned with comical interpretations of designer stars in the nude. The line includes fashion icons like Donatella Versace, John Galliano and Holland himself. Of course, this Karl Lagerfeld image had us laughing on the floor! It's Karl like we have never seen or even thought about him.

Narciso Rodriguez Essence

While the fragrance world has always been a safe bet in terms of building capital, it has also been in a perpetual rut. With a slew of new fragrances each month from the likes of Usher & Victoria Beckham, and greedy designers simply making a diluted or "updated" version of their own classic scents and then calling it something like "Chanel no. 5 Edition Blanche," we at VagaBond Nyc pay very little attention to the fragrance world. We do however, always fall for the perverse concoctions of Comme Des Garcons, and at the moment, we must give praise to the new Narciso Rodriguez scent, Essence. Sure we haven't smelled it yet, but these new ads, and god do we love anything shot by Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinood Matadin, are just terrific. Catherine McNeil looks stunning, and eventhough it is a very straight-forward, simple shot, it's rather alluring and sensual at the same time. Like his previous campaigns also shot by Inez & Vinood, this one sure has us hooked!

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Funny Email Vnyc Received!

When you are online like our shop is, sometimes you get very funny, very random emails now & then. Yesterday we received this witty rant and honestly still can't stop laughing! We wanted to share it with you in all of it's whackiness.

It is titled "Fluffsnorkles?"-

"It says you do private viewings? Good, 'cause I would like to view your privates. I mean, I would like to view your pirates, or rather, spew your primates. 200 bucks for a pair of freakin' blue jeans... I mean ques que f**k? Can you make custom prophylactics from dolphin intestines? Hows about a pair of rayon nipple mittens? I predict a great future if you can just develop some fashin senze. Imagine if Edie Sedgewick and Amy Winehouse had a baby. Tres hot, mudder-fugger, tres fucking hot. Were you flying that plane? You parked it illegally, you know. RSVP, dudeman."

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Golden Globes Best Dressed: January Jones

This past Sunday the Golden Globes celebrated it's 66th annual awards show, and as usual, fashion-wise, it was a typically diluted affair. While starlets and their stylists love throwing the cliche term "old Hollywood glamor" out as much as possible, there are very few who manage to pull it off with any grace and good taste. Today that term basically translates to "safe" in a boring and even cowardly manner. No one seems to take chances or have any style that they can truly call their own. And while we may have recently seen her out-&-about in some questionable D&G and Ferragamo numbers, this past Sunday January Jones from "Mad Men" looked so cool, and so downright amazing in a manner that strictly felt very today! Jones was stunning in an icy blue matte satin Versace number that not only had a very Blade Runner/Thierry Mugler/40's starlet appeal to it, but it also geniously had pockets! Not only is she a beauty, but she is also a very, very exceptional actress! If she has a stylist out there, this time they did her well!

January Jones of "Mad Men," one of our favorite shows, at the Golden Globes in Versace

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Model Moment: Lakshmi Menon

The past few season's we have been excited by the presence of Givenchy's "It" girl, Indian model Lakshmi Menon! Not only is she a fresh face on the scene for obvious reasons, but according to a recent profile we read about her, she is also a very well-read and educated young woman. This image from Derercuny's Fall presentation is just how we like her looking: rough & sexy in a rock'n roll kind of way and dark in a gothic meets urban kind of way, and that body, so tall, lanky and tom-boyish!

Mad for Mud-Cloth

We at VagaBondnyc have been crazy about collecting anything & everything mud-cloth, and as you can see from the recent Givenchy look above, many of today's forward thinking designers are also on track with the naive yet zany tribal print. We of course know that wearing any print from head-to-toe is simply for the runways, however our smart mud-cloth printed peplum waist puffer vest pictured below, is one of the chicest ways to hit the trend dead-on without looking like a slave to the trend. And its peplum waist also makes it the perfect companion for all of your high-waisted pieces.
80's Afro Mud-Cloth Print Reversible Peplum Waist Puffer Vest-$458

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Louis Vuitton Celebrates Stephen Sprouse

Even five years after his death, fashion's admiration of the original "downtown darling," Stephen Sprouse, and his cutting-edge aesthetic, never seems to fade. This week Louis Vuitton will launch a line of bags and accessories inspired by their highly-collectible 2000 collaboration with him and a new book celebrating the iconic designer has just come out.

We wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our own Sprouse scores, not only because they showcase his knack for using bold saturated pop colors with a punkish flare, but also because they are still incredibly relevant for today! Take for example this hot flouro pink & teal colorblock angora sweater that energizes even on the grayest of winter days, or this brilliant long black work-wear inspired vest that's quite an exceptional layering piece for year-round wear.

80's Stephen Sprouse Hot-Pink Color-Block Sweater-$454
80's Stephen Sprouse Long Black Utility Vest-$398

Visit for many other Sprouse inspired scores and be sure to check out the fantastic new website sponsored by LVMH,

Monday, January 5, 2009

Llladro by Jaime Hayon...Our Latest Obsession

We are crazy about artist Jaime Hayon's recent appointment as design director of venerable Spanish porcelain house Lladro! And while we still have a place in our hearts(and homes!) for the classic, poetic piece's Lladro is known for, these new additions are incredibly beautiful, provocative, humorous, modern, and utterly desirable. They are unlike anything we have ever seen and we love his penchant for festive harlequin inspired wares, an incredibly fresh theme for the home.

Friday, January 2, 2009