Thursday, November 22, 2007

Boost Your Wardrobes Power with KEY Pieces

Get ready to romp around this fall in these quirky, hand-picked stunners...

90s VIVIENNE WESTWOOD White Surgical CORSET Top$218

80's Black & Gray Knit Tunic Length Hooded Sweater-SOLD

90's RIFAT OZBEK Black Ribbed Body-Con Dress-$168

60's DONALD BROOKS Mod Little Black Shift Dress-Sold

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tom Ford wants Tom Ford...Surprised?

Tom Ford for GUCCI Cher Dress @Vnyc

It's always a hoot to hear about what Tom Ford is up to. Whether it's humping blow-up dolls, art-directing porno-chic perfume adverts (Estee Lauder's turning in her grave...), or designing monogram slippers in cheetah skin; he's always deliciously outre, self-promotional and absurdly well manicured. Basically, he kind of annoys us... No matter, we recognize what he did for Gucci & YSL. How he injected (and injects) sex into everything. How his best collections projected louche, smoky, powerful femininity.


In this spirit of admiration without snark we offer an item from one of our favorite TF for Gucci shows. It is a black, pure cashmere, fringed-hem,
cut-out gown from his late 90's American-Indian/ Cher collection. It is an exceptional base for layering (Olsen style, perhaps) and, as such, allows you to go from the office to a Holiday party w/o a trip home. In fact, its so versatile, it'll stand up to a consecutive day in the office, since you're likely to have slept at someone elses house the night before.

Get Ready For The Holidays with Stand-Out Pieces @ Vnyc

Join us in celebrating's 1st year & our newly re-launched site with free shipping from Nov. 26, 2007 to Dec. 25th 2007. Also be sure to check out some of our wonderful new Fall/Winter finds to help you navigate your way through the concrete jungle.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Chicest New Addition: JPG

Here it is, newly added to our stock: Timeless, signature JEAN PAUL GAULTIER. Timeless is the key here, because it references everything and nothing. Pin-up, goth, super-villain, superhero. Whatever, this item has legs and, like anything JPG, ups your fashion ante.

Boudoir meets the street. Frenchy chic...
In essence, it is an over-sized panel with pooling kimono sleeves connected by a 10in strip across the back. Each sleeve has its own decorative black button - a hollowed out steel globe. One of the sleeves' tips has such a button whilst the other is an eye which makes it possible to conjoin the wings themselves.

Such a badass accessory...
SOLD $138.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Accessory of the week: 10/13/07

What better addition to your collection than this cheeky early 90's homage to the genius quirkiness of Franco Moschino. This brooch is, quite literally, a statement maker.

90's MOSCHINO Rhinestone Question Mark Pin $198-Sold

Our Favorite Items of the Week 10/13/07

This Fall mark's the return of certain kind of subdued power dressing for us that's mixed with uptown-chic, subtle luxe details and hardcore sci-fi romanticism. While we may have hundreds of items up for grabs, these three highlights encompass our inner urban warrior without sacrificing a shred of luxury & polish!

1). 60's
COURREGES Cheery Red Drop-Waist Coat $800
2). 90's
VERSACE Studded Black Crepe Jacket $1,200
HERMES Gray Wool Riding Jodhpurs $325

Alaia Alaia Alaia

Carine Roitfeld in NYC'07

This outfit may shed some light on the rumors of her nasty demeanor, but who can resist ALAIA at his very best. Its fierced out urban warrior and badass all the way.
And who could resist that shape paired with patent leather?

Hussein Chalayan Spring '08

Nick Knight & Hussein Chalayan gave such a beautifully wearable collection an even more light hearted approach with this breezy video. The finale keeps us wanting more.

Take note of:
Goddess Dresses
70's Safari


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spring '08: Harlequin Nouvelle

Christian Dior couture fall 2007

Hints of Pierrot and the recently deceased Marcel Marceau on the Spring '08 runways:
*First to bat, John Galliano's 60th anniversary couture show for Dior and his Pierrot mixed with Picasso clowns-complete-with-eye-mask looks.
**For their Spring 2008 collections (Miuccia Prada) Miu Miu and Viktor & Rolf (below left) also played with the harlequin aesthetic, the latter too literally for our taste. Who's really gonna wear what amounts to a clown costume? Better in the long run to take V&R's looks apart. Mix that up-end tafetta with another texture...Cheap Monday jeans and Repetto lace-ups.
***Much more successful was Miuccia Prada who played with the iconic diamond print as pure pattern, a multi colored background set off by sexed up illustrations of art-noveau sultry lady faces (below right).

<- Our take on clown-chic on the cheap ->

In a universe of his own

Bernhard Wilhelm...One of our FAVORITE DESIGNERS

As always, fashion changes with the times, and generally, it seems as if the past decade has been a good one for us. The world may be falling apart, yet fashion is thriving at 360mph.

Hurling head first into a huge mess that is...

Just look at all of the Spring'08 shows, just way too commercial, out of ideas, freshness & steam. Everyone has done street, de-con, body-con, new rave, uptown, preppy & intellectual.

And the intellectual scene...well, it's crowded and some might say in need of dual injections of surprise and humour.

So we've decided to create a bi-monthly segment to highlight our favorite contemporary designers. In each segment we'll basically rave (and maybe rant) about those fashion dillitantes that help inspire our rag hunts and keep us excited by all things new.

A quick take on Bernhard Wilhelm's designs off the rack and you might grin at their sense of humour and tweaked out proportions and colors. Maybe you'll think to yourself "here we go again". Look again and in the context of the artful and always refreshingly new/odd ugly/pretty way he presents his clothing and you'll get a better sense. Nobody gives us humour, quirk and cool with as much brute force.

Whatever trip he chooses to take next, we're there along with him. Whether lsd crazed, sci-fi, Afro, neo-hippie, urban warrior or Atlantic-city cheese, we're going. Fashion has always emulated the street, but no one can morph, juxtapose, twist and de-contextualize st
reet in the global/universal way Mr. W can. Check out #6. Here rasta, Stockholm street, mod, hippie, dandy, 80's futurism, and new rave combine for a presentation that packs a punch far greater than any one of those references alone. This excellent mix of urban tribes goes way beyond literal or retro.

Fresh prints, quirk, unexpected proportion and technique - stuff you'd never expect but when you see it in front of you it doesn't feel foreign or alien - these are his hallmarks. And judging by the recent shows, he doesn't have to worry about any competition.

Here are some of our own finds inspired by
Bernhard Wilhelm...

Thursday, October 4, 2007


When Michael Kors wasn't so, um, uptown girly. 80's Michael Kors silk linen cut-out mini dress at

Cut Outs/2

Early Alexander Mcqueen cut-out convertible bondage jacket at

Cut Outs/3

80's Karl Lagerfeld blueberry silk/wool cut-out tunic length jacket.
(bonus peaked shoulders!)

Thursday, September 13, 2007


/Cardi by Stella Mccartney / French Vogue /September 2007/
photos: David Sims / editor: Marie-Amelie Sauve.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Shape of The Future / 1


80s Claude Montana
Asymmetrical Draped Wool Blazer

Sold $325


The Shape of The Future / 2

Couture Water-Wings.

90s Issey Miyake
Inflatable Peak Shoulder T


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Shape of The Future / 3

Tuff Prairie Girl.

80s Norma Kamali
Awning Stripe Blazer


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Post Millenial Power Dressing

Pugh aw 07/ Margiela aw 07/ Lanvin aw 07/

We are really into big shoulders right now - moulded, architectural, peaked, elevated...

Gareth Pugh, Lanvin and Maison Martin Margiela pushed this silhouette forward this season with monstrous (amazing conceptually but wearable? nah...) ear gazers, deconstructed raw edged 40's poufs and sci-fi padded bodys respectively.

Inspired by the incredibly fresh and forward direction of these shows we have started sourcing and collecting designers implicitly and explicitly referenced - the grand-daddy's and mommy's of futuristic and uber-female fashion namely Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana and early Versace.

The images of Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin have also massively influenced our buy.
few at the moment are embracing this look, afraid perhaps being taken too literally ... we are on the look-out though and will begin to post street shots as soon as we spot even a hint of this new, top heavy look.

We welcome your photo's and commentary.

We are and you should check us out now!!!