Friday, February 28, 2014

Inspiration: Stephanie Farrow

Looking at this snapshot today of Mia Farrow's forever on-trend little sis Stephanie circa the mid-60's, and you'd swear this was lifted off of Hedi Slimane's mood board circa 2012.

Completely Gratuitous: D E N A Bad Timing

On repeat are the smooth stylings of Bulgarian star-in-the-making D E N A.

Paris Streetstyle: Susie Bubble in Vagabondnyc Vintage

Excuse us as we dork out over seeing the inimitable Susie Bubble out & about during Couture fashion week this past January in a statement making Hysteric Glamour jacket she purchased from yours truly.

Hiatus, Done. We're Back!

After several failed attempts at salvaging our main site and a few season's off the grid, we're happy to report that we are back in action with a limited selection of vintage goods we hope you'll covet. We missed you!
So as our gorgeous site lingers away, and until it's fully remastered, we'll be hosting weekly additions to our secondary online shop in the meantime. Stay tuned, and until then, shop away here.

Inspiration: 1952 Hermès Captured by Gordon Parks

Hermès, 1952. Photos by Gordon Parks...

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Paris Streetstyle: Agata Belcen in Vagabondnyc Vintage

AnOther Magazine's Agata Belcen was spotted en route during fashion week in Paris in a 60's oyster beaded dress from Vagabondnyc.