Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Alyssa Milano's Evolution: Jersey Shore

If you're like one of us and can't tolerate looking at the cast of Mtv's Jersey Shore for even a second, you're sure to enjoy Funny or Die's exclusive parody of the show with Alyssa Milano. We've never been big fans of the actress, however this segment is so clever & well-done, we wanted to share it with you.

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COMING SOON: 30+ New Arrivals Next Week

Here's a quick sneak peek at some of's latest vintage scores that will be up for grabs on the site after the 3rd of Jan. 2010.

Give John Galliano a run for his money with this chic 50's era blue muted floral water-color a-line tea dress. Its explosive abstracted floral print saves it from being a little too precious & retro while it's figure defining bodice is sure to keep heads turning.

And just as everyone is finally looking back at Betsey Johnson's archives, including the boisterous designer herself, comes this sweet early 80's era white bolero that is covered with crisp black Swiss dots. Its sports inspired sweatshirt composition ensures comfort & ease while helping you look your best.

We've been feeling Ralph Lauren's classic sophistication again for some time now and his 70's era preppy navy-blue double breasted blazer with its gold metallic threaded crest and sharp cut just seems so right for right now.

Another score from early 80's Betsey Johnson, another testament to her non-stop boundless creativity. This piece quietly hits so many of today's biggest trends we just couldn't resist. Edwardiana, the 80's, the prominent shoulder, its all here in this unbelievably easy to wear knock-em-dead number.

All items will be available at Jan. 3rd 2010

Inspiration: Early 90's Spike Lee Advertisement

We came across this early 90's era Spike Lee advert again after almost two decades and thought it was so right-on in every way, we wanted to share it with you.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Most Wanted: Drop the Bomb in Chris Kane

We've been big, big fans of London-Town designer Christopher Kane's beautifully realized aesthetic and his ominous sci-fi yet poectiaclly breathtaking Atomic Bomb inspired resort collection really had us amping up our wish lists. This t-shirt released in limited edition is a smart way to channel the collection's strong aesthetic with ease. One of us is aching to get it before it makes it's way around the party circuit and high-street copyists.

Snap up Christopher Kane's Cloud Print Tee-$265 at Net-a-Poter

Below: Subtle 90's era silhouettes were made surprising thanks to British military archival Atomic Bomb photos seen at Christopher Kane's Resort 2010 collection.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

COMING SOON: Miu Miu's Fall'08 Top & More

Here's a runway snap of one of our latest new finds, this tongue & cheek contrasting gem tone silk faille tunic from Miu Miu's devastatingly chic French-maid & harlequin inspired Fall 2008 collection. It was one of those collections we've been dying to get our hands on so we couldn't wait to share our score with you!

This & dozens & dozens of well-edited vintage finds will be available on the site starting Sunday, January 3rd, 2010. Get ready-to-shop!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Accessory of the week: 80's Norma Kamali Pumps

From the 80's come our latest Accessory of the Week, these vibrant burnt red suede Norma Kamali pumps that have a demure cone heel, Indian style pointed vamps and decadent metallic gold scroll embroideries. After all, the easiest trick to heightening everyday glamor is through the use of gilded or embellished accessories.

80's Norma Kamali Red Suede Indian Heels-$108

Rhianna & Vnyc? Bringing Back the Bodysuit

Last week our vintage contrasting shimmery blue graphic bodysuit was featured on as an alternative to pop star Rhianna's recent fixation with bodysuits. Not a bad option indeed! While we may not be the biggest fans of the star's aesthetic, we do understand exactly where she is trying to push the envelope.

Click here to check out the article

90's Shimmering Contrast Stripe Bodysuit-$ 96

Completely Gratuitous: James White + The Blacks

Here's another one of our favorite all time jams, "Contort Yourself" by James White & the Blacks, from '79. It's one of those perfect songs for getting you pumped-up while getting ready. Enjoy!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Smart Buy: 70's Kenzo Suede Dress

Just as the cold snows of winter have touched down in Nyc comes our latest Smart Buy of the week, this sumptuous 70's era oversized black suede Kenzo sack dress that was just made for genius layering. Its wide shape and dolman sleeves not only give the piece a voluminous shape but also allow for bulky knit layering options to help you combat the cold. We happen to think that it very well could be the smartest winter dress you will ever get your hands on.

70's KENZO Black Suede Dress-$286

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Dressing: Beating the Balmania Blues

80's Coated Chainmail Tunic-$148

We've been big opponents of all the hype around Balmania for some time now, mainly because the house seems driven to cheapen and vulgarize many of our favorite recent trends. Case in point was Balmain's recent S/S 2010 collection, where the end result looked more akin to Diesel than couture, and with the labels pieces hovering near five digit pricepoints, we've come to expect better in terms of imaginitiveness and vision.

That being said, currently boasts a holiday-ready range that smartly rivals all things Balmania in our own unique way. Take our 80's era coated chainmail tunic that packs a bold punch without sacrificing comfort, ease or good taste! Then there's our chic silk chiffon heavily beaded blouse, which as you can see, looks just as stunning with destroyed denim shorts as it would with a body-con pencil skirt. And if seperates are too complicated for all the non-stop partying you plan on doing this season, there's these two graphic black sequined frocks. One of them comes with a slick wet-look sequined top half and a contrasting chiffon handkerchef hem while the other is composed out of a supmtuous fine knit with a dainty sequined dropped flounce waist complete with sequined bow.

80's Wet-Look Sequin Dress w Chiffon Hem-$168

80's Silk Chiffon Sequined Blouse-$108

80's Black Knit Drop-Waist Dress w Sequined Hem & Bow-$128

Click here to check out all of Vnyc's one-of-a-kind goodies!

A Precious Mess: Jewelry from Abakus

"Alga di Pitone"

We met & stellar sense of style. So it comes as no surprise that her line of faux, precious & mixed jewels, Abakus, has an equally sophisticated & imaginitive sensibilty to it. Prominent uber-maximalist cuffs made of various skins drenched with strands of dripping pearls & chains and a massive turquose bib necklace are exactly the kind of statement making head-turners that have won her a bevy of in-the-know fans.

Check out AbakusCollection online

Monday, December 14, 2009

Past Collections: So Long Stephen Sprouse

We are happy to report that another one of our favorite Most Wanted scores, this late 90's Stephen Sprouse Warhol printed "Admit One" cape back dress, has just found a proper home with a Sprouse enthusiast and fashion aficionado. It's always hard to see these special pieces go, but to a good home, well that's more than satisfying!

Check out our last available Sprouse score, a versatile & chic tunic-length vest, here

Holiday Shopping While Helping the Little Citizens of the World

Holiday shopping usually ends up to be a grueling struggle with tough decisions to make and is often, quite a bore. And while we don't often get excuses to do so, we have to admit that buying kids gifts is usually pretty fun and equally gratifying especially since they often tend to be super-cute and given to children that can't fully express themselves!

While shopping on Tea Collection's website we not only came across this sweet chambray shrunken Chloe look-a-like romper, but a wonderful children's initiative as well. Whenever you buy anything from Tea Collection's "Little Citizens" line, 50% of the purchase goes to the Global Fund for Children, a foundation which assists in children's literacy and well being in countries all around the world. Kids fashion helping other kids, can gift giving get any better?

Above: Idea Chambray Dress-$49
Little Citizen's Shoulder Bag-$16

Check out more from Tea Collection here-Children's Clothing
And to learn more about the Global Fund for Children click here

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Peter Dundas: Putting the Punch Back in Pucci

Who needs Balmania & Alexander Wang for sexy urbane date/party ready looks when you've got Peter Dundas' sumptuous new propositions at Pucci? His powerful Fall 2009 collection for the house was so sharp, trim & focused, that it leads one of us to believe that the house is now a high-impact contender in the sexy rock-star spirited genre. From the massive fur chubbies to the street ready thigh-high boots, everything was ostentatious in a rich yet louche manner, never overt in any direction. Which sounds smart compared to lets say, spikes and shoulder pads?

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Best of Art Basel, Miami 2009

Above: Doug Aitken

One of us took a quick break and went down to Miami for Art Basel 2009. Patrons were mainly gallerists, serious collectors and young artists from around the world. The scene was quite fun to look at, outfitted in some serious looks, most seemingly from Chanel, with bits of the odd Comme Des Garcons or Vivienne Westwood here & artfully there, not bad! The art was of course amazing, and good times were had by all. We suggest everyone out there with a penchant for the arts make it for Basel 2010. Here are some of our inspirational favorites:

Above: Katy Grannan, a friend/relative/past collaborator of Vnyc

Above: Olaf Breuning

Above: Joana Vasconcelos

Above: Yinka Shonibare

Above: Barrao

Above: Petah Coyne

Above: Grayson Perry

Above: Marc Swanson

Above: Rona Pondick

Above: Eduardo Sarabia

ABove: Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian, she's 86 & cuts these by hand!

From Fountain Art Fair:Above: Andrea Stanislav

From Nada Art Fair:

Above: Agathe Snow

Above: Eric Yahnker

Above: Valerie Blass

Above: Edgar Cobian

Above: Carlos Irijalba at Dina Mitrani Gallery

Above: Plant the Future, amazing porcelain cast objects.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Accessory of the Week: Arts and Crafts Necklace

This week's Accessory of the Week hails from the highly influential & collectible Arts & Crafts era, which as you can see, was a period wrought with inventive techniques and a restrained fragility. Its made of lightweight and versatile hammered pewter and its oval spread boasts just the right amount of drama to uplift any look.

Arts & Crafts era Hammered Pewter Necklace-$108

Monday, December 7, 2009

Comme Des Garcons + Barbie

As surprising as Maison Martin Margiela's wig creature for Barbie was, Rei Kawakubo's Comme Des Garcons Jingle Flower Platinum Label Barbie seems even odder, although just as strangely desirable. This time around she comes outfitted in a classic 50's shaped silk-mix dress in one of CDG's iconic floral pixelated photo prints. For $340USD, this Mad-Men approach makes us wish they would have tricked her out with more inventive hair & make-up, something the house's shows always get right.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Looks Coming Soon to

We've been so busy bulking the shop up with scores of vintage beauties that we realize it's been a while since we've added new shop-able editorials to our signature "Looks" section, but that doesn't mean that we haven't been hard at work dreaming up all kinds of shoots for the shop. Come New Year, V promise to get back on the ball and return to adding new ones each month. So be on the look out, first up: Theodora & Alexandra Richards.

Above: a recent snap from a shoot we did with photographers Alexey & Stephanie.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Smart Buy: Marni's Bottle Green Dress

This week's Smart Buy, from Marni, is of course another easy year-round wear, versatile dress-up or dress-down number. Its a simple dolman sleeved dress that has pleats running down the front and back and comes in one of the house's signature hues, lush bottle green. Its charming simplicity happens to be quite beneficial since it could be thought of as a blank canvas for unlimited layering options. Wear it belted to highlight it's beautiful cut, or un-belted for a relaxed, fluid option. The subtle genius and charm of this dress's endless allure is yet another reminder of why the label has so many hardcore devotees.

MARNI Bottle Green Pleated & Belted Dress-$212