Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Dressing: Beating the Balmania Blues

80's Coated Chainmail Tunic-$148

We've been big opponents of all the hype around Balmania for some time now, mainly because the house seems driven to cheapen and vulgarize many of our favorite recent trends. Case in point was Balmain's recent S/S 2010 collection, where the end result looked more akin to Diesel than couture, and with the labels pieces hovering near five digit pricepoints, we've come to expect better in terms of imaginitiveness and vision.

That being said, VagaBondnyc.com currently boasts a holiday-ready range that smartly rivals all things Balmania in our own unique way. Take our 80's era coated chainmail tunic that packs a bold punch without sacrificing comfort, ease or good taste! Then there's our chic silk chiffon heavily beaded blouse, which as you can see, looks just as stunning with destroyed denim shorts as it would with a body-con pencil skirt. And if seperates are too complicated for all the non-stop partying you plan on doing this season, there's these two graphic black sequined frocks. One of them comes with a slick wet-look sequined top half and a contrasting chiffon handkerchef hem while the other is composed out of a supmtuous fine knit with a dainty sequined dropped flounce waist complete with sequined bow.

80's Wet-Look Sequin Dress w Chiffon Hem-$168

80's Silk Chiffon Sequined Blouse-$108

80's Black Knit Drop-Waist Dress w Sequined Hem & Bow-$128

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