Friday, May 30, 2008

V Heart!

V just wanted to pay a quick shout-out to our fantastic Graphic design team, and thank them for all of thier hard work! Check out thier fantastic portfolio online at

Mogollon offers Art Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Branding for the Music, Fashion, Film/Video, Art and Entertainment Industries. They have done an awesome job at helping us re-brand our website and are always full of surprises & motivating ideas!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Princess Superstar

We've recently been hired by the amazing Concetta Kirschner - aka Princess Superstar - as her styling team. She's amazingly talented, lyrically innovative, and incredibly beautiful, inside and out. Princess is a frequent collaborator with Kool Keith, one of Andrea's aesthetic (and, of course, rap/mc) idols since he was sprung from Bellevue by Moe Love, et al, to form seminal '80s hip-hop crew, Ultramagnetic MC's. PSS has a picture in her flat of the two of them in a urinal in matching green boiler suits. Better, her bare back is towards us, her head over her shoulders while Keith is in the foreground gesturing obtusely. Best of all, she's the one 'taking the piss'. Excellent.

Anyhow,these are some of the initial, undoctored prints of an album cover try we did with her a week or so ago. We will keep the site updated with our upcoming projects, including a video for her latest single "Lollipop."

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

YSL Fall 2008: Our Favorite Collection

Stefano Pillati once again had us craving as much YSL as we can possibly get our hands on with this super-chic, refined collection set to a fantastic song by LCD Soundsystem.

V love the austerity and starkness paired with a keen focus on dramatic tailoring and admire the absence of trend & reference, and of femininity & romance. This is a collection full of uniform essentials for a woman who likes to quietly prove how good of a dresser she really is.

Chains & The L-B-D Courtesy of Zandra Rhodes

From cult fashion icon ZANDRA RHODES comes this gorgeous and completely wearable fitted black hammered silk dress that has two buttoned faux front tab pockets, a mock neck & slightly padded shoulders. Around the neckline and on one cuff are gold hand-painted trompe l'oiel chains and abstract necklaces that give the piece an elegant, powerful vibe. We really, really love it!

What's so great about this dress is that it is extremely chic, sure it has this rich earthy ethnic boho vibe, but it is also simply a fantastic little-black-dress!

80's ZANDRA RHODES Black Silk Dress w Hand-Painted Necklace $898 Sorry this item has been SOLD

Monday, May 19, 2008

V Focus on the Genius of Gianni Versace

Even ten year's after the death of Gianni Versace we at VagaBondnyc are still enamored with his legendary work and are always on the hunt for great pieces that highlight his many fantastical trademarks.

In the early 80's he garnered a cult following with his well-tailored, beautifully printed haute-bourgeois clothes that were bodaciously sexy while everyone was turning to Italy for the beige-ness that is Giorgio Armani. This was way before the Cavalli's and Etro's entered the big picture. Versace took neo-classical Italian motifs and banal floral prints to the limit by magnifying them and saturating them in the brightest of hues and took it even further with super-sexy shapes.

And it's his early 90's era we wanted to focus on not only because we love the early 90's, but because body-con is still back, and it was during this time that Versace took restraint and created clothing in much more classically figure flattering shapes.

Pass everyone up in their au currant Givenchy studded gear with this supremely chic tailored blazer with subtle pyramid and Medusa studs. Or skip the Leger tabloid trend with this sexy knit hourglass dress.

And think about combating spring chills with one of our many amazing printed Versace jackets. One of our favorites is the fitted mosaic print jacket that has a great shape, a beautiful curved collar and a print that is an extremely elegant and chic testament to the sheer genius of Versace.

At the moment we have over 20 pieces that highlight the incredible vision of Versace:

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Completely Gratuitous: V love Lykke Li

While one of us is all about hip-hop, at the moment the other is totally all about 22year-old Sweedish talent Lykke Li. Like her strict style, her music is chic, calming and so addictive.

And it's funny to see 90's pop star "show-me-love" Robyn make a wonderful cameo in this video.