Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Princess Superstar

We've recently been hired by the amazing Concetta Kirschner - aka Princess Superstar - as her styling team. She's amazingly talented, lyrically innovative, and incredibly beautiful, inside and out. Princess is a frequent collaborator with Kool Keith, one of Andrea's aesthetic (and, of course, rap/mc) idols since he was sprung from Bellevue by Moe Love, et al, to form seminal '80s hip-hop crew, Ultramagnetic MC's. PSS has a picture in her flat of the two of them in a urinal in matching green boiler suits. Better, her bare back is towards us, her head over her shoulders while Keith is in the foreground gesturing obtusely. Best of all, she's the one 'taking the piss'. Excellent.

Anyhow,these are some of the initial, undoctored prints of an album cover try we did with her a week or so ago. We will keep the site updated with our upcoming projects, including a video for her latest single "Lollipop."

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