Friday, July 31, 2009

What Happens When VagaBonds Meet...

The lovely people at Scallywag & Vagabond, a wonderful news site focused on popular culture, the arts & fashion came and spent the afternoon with yours truly at and picked our brains about what we think about the world of vintage, fashion and lifestyles.

About Vnyc, Scallwag & Vagabond brilliantly noted "Current and interesting, their styles span several past decades and, with the reverent, giggling spirit of Vagabond, manage to invent for themselves a quality of newness within their gem-like rags."

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Tracey Takes on Donna Karan

The first season of British comic Tracey Ullman's new show State of the Union had us laughing on the floor as she portrayed Dina Lohan very naughtily, and we just had to share this clip of Ullman taking on designer Donna Karan from the second season, which is just hilarious. Ullman has always had a thing for designers and high-fashion, we loved her show Visible Panty Line from the earlier part of this decade and we love that fact that she is ready to take on the world of fashion with her genius dry humor.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dance, Dance Betsey Johnson...Early 80's BJ

With the 80's everywhere once again, we are happy to report that Betsey Johnson & Opening Ceremony are re-creating key dance-inspired looks from Johnson's early years for a small capsule collection due next month. We at Vnyc have been collecting Johnson's earlier pieces for years because she literally helped shape the future of sportswear, we even got to meet the enigmatic Johnson last summer, working as consultants for her growing archive.

Like Norma Kamali, Johnson is a constant source of inspiration for us & designers alike. While the two have very different aesthetics, it was the haute 80's where they basically laid down all future sportswear foundations. While Kamali contributed innovative uses of sweatshirt fabrics, nylon and shoulder pads, Johnson's punkish motives like today, were more about being playful, energetic and ready-to-dance. Giddy energy full-on, non-stop is and has always been a Betsey Johnson trademark.

And it's her iconic face label era that really gets our motors running, not only because of the rarity, but also because everything boldly pronounces why Betsey Johnson is such an important, if however often overlooked figure in American fashion history. Cheeky cherry prints, spandex minis, velour body-con dresses, romantic dance-inspired gear, these are the hallmarks of a time that we not only find irresistible but also totally timeless. Check out some of Vnyc's current early 80's range of Betsey Johnson dance-inspired wear, because what's better than owning the real-original-deal for a fraction of the re-issue?
80's Betsey Johnson Velveteen Ra-Ra Skirt-$166
80's Betsey Johnson Velveteen Body-Con Wrap Dress-$208
80's Betsey Johnson Black A-Line Halter Dress-$248

Speak Easy: Alain de Botton on Fashion

London based Rodnik designer Philip Colbert recently interviewed author & philosopher Alain de Botton for to weigh in on what he thinks about fashion and we at Vnyc couldn't agree more with him. Aestheticism is the key to the good life, and it's got nothing to do with frivolity.

Enjoy the clip...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

V Love all this Love has been around for a good two years now and we hope all of you out there appreciate all of the hard work and dedication the two of us have poured into it. Now that the realization of the site is starting to feel complete and with our beautiful new studio space in Brooklyn ready for viewing appointments, we are more motivated than ever to get word out there!We've had a busy week stocking up on new scores from the likes of Halston, Victor Costa, Comme Des Garcons, Prada, Chanel & Yohji Yamamoto and we also had a fun day styling Alexandra & Theadora Richards for Argentinian magazine D-Mode. But besides the fantastic breezey weather we have been having in Nyc and the fun shoot, we've also received great attention from some of our own favorite fashion sites this week.

Faran Krentcil from Nylon mag came and spent the afternoon with us the other day and wrote a sweet feature for the site's Space Invader feature, to read more click here...

And featured Vnyc saying: "clean, cool, easy to examine. No matter what they stock, it reflects their understanding of the past and present. What excites me most — besides the array of '60s to the '90s — is the prices." To read more click here...

While featured as one of it's favorite vintage shops online. Calling our site "one of the prettiest sites around, Vagabond Nyc definitely has a way of seducing you with their expert styling and great, simple photography." To read more click here...

So much love in one week has us feeling totally optimistic! Help us spread the word! We are also on Twitter now and would be so happy if you followed us!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Star Spangled Sale! Everything 20-40% Off

Wishing you a fantastic holiday weekend! Now head to this holiday weekend and check out our latest markdowns throughout the shop! Everything, and V mean everything, has been marked down 20%-40%!!! Plus Free-Shipping Worldwide! Can a deal get any sweeter?

Moschino L-B-D Rhinestone Chart Dress-Was $298, now $178!