Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Shopping While Helping the Little Citizens of the World

Holiday shopping usually ends up to be a grueling struggle with tough decisions to make and is often, quite a bore. And while we don't often get excuses to do so, we have to admit that buying kids gifts is usually pretty fun and equally gratifying especially since they often tend to be super-cute and given to children that can't fully express themselves!

While shopping on Tea Collection's website we not only came across this sweet chambray shrunken Chloe look-a-like romper, but a wonderful children's initiative as well. Whenever you buy anything from Tea Collection's "Little Citizens" line, 50% of the purchase goes to the Global Fund for Children, a foundation which assists in children's literacy and well being in countries all around the world. Kids fashion helping other kids, can gift giving get any better?

Above: Idea Chambray Dress-$49
Little Citizen's Shoulder Bag-$16

Check out more from Tea Collection here-Children's Clothing
And to learn more about the Global Fund for Children click here

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