Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spring '08: Harlequin Nouvelle

Christian Dior couture fall 2007

Hints of Pierrot and the recently deceased Marcel Marceau on the Spring '08 runways:
*First to bat, John Galliano's 60th anniversary couture show for Dior and his Pierrot mixed with Picasso clowns-complete-with-eye-mask looks.
**For their Spring 2008 collections (Miuccia Prada) Miu Miu and Viktor & Rolf (below left) also played with the harlequin aesthetic, the latter too literally for our taste. Who's really gonna wear what amounts to a clown costume? Better in the long run to take V&R's looks apart. Mix that up-end tafetta with another texture...Cheap Monday jeans and Repetto lace-ups.
***Much more successful was Miuccia Prada who played with the iconic diamond print as pure pattern, a multi colored background set off by sexed up illustrations of art-noveau sultry lady faces (below right).

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