Thursday, October 11, 2007

In a universe of his own

Bernhard Wilhelm...One of our FAVORITE DESIGNERS

As always, fashion changes with the times, and generally, it seems as if the past decade has been a good one for us. The world may be falling apart, yet fashion is thriving at 360mph.

Hurling head first into a huge mess that is...

Just look at all of the Spring'08 shows, just way too commercial, out of ideas, freshness & steam. Everyone has done street, de-con, body-con, new rave, uptown, preppy & intellectual.

And the intellectual scene...well, it's crowded and some might say in need of dual injections of surprise and humour.

So we've decided to create a bi-monthly segment to highlight our favorite contemporary designers. In each segment we'll basically rave (and maybe rant) about those fashion dillitantes that help inspire our rag hunts and keep us excited by all things new.

A quick take on Bernhard Wilhelm's designs off the rack and you might grin at their sense of humour and tweaked out proportions and colors. Maybe you'll think to yourself "here we go again". Look again and in the context of the artful and always refreshingly new/odd ugly/pretty way he presents his clothing and you'll get a better sense. Nobody gives us humour, quirk and cool with as much brute force.

Whatever trip he chooses to take next, we're there along with him. Whether lsd crazed, sci-fi, Afro, neo-hippie, urban warrior or Atlantic-city cheese, we're going. Fashion has always emulated the street, but no one can morph, juxtapose, twist and de-contextualize st
reet in the global/universal way Mr. W can. Check out #6. Here rasta, Stockholm street, mod, hippie, dandy, 80's futurism, and new rave combine for a presentation that packs a punch far greater than any one of those references alone. This excellent mix of urban tribes goes way beyond literal or retro.

Fresh prints, quirk, unexpected proportion and technique - stuff you'd never expect but when you see it in front of you it doesn't feel foreign or alien - these are his hallmarks. And judging by the recent shows, he doesn't have to worry about any competition.

Here are some of our own finds inspired by
Bernhard Wilhelm...

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