Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Happened to Chloe??? Pre-Fall 2009

With the economy the way it is these days it makes the rise of pre-fall collections very sensible since they allow buyers and customers alike to see the true core of a new collection, the stand-by, classic pieces that will make it to stores. However Chloe's latest pre-fall showing for 2009 really has us confused. First, we must admit that Hannah MacGibbon does have a keen eye for soft, natural color pallettes and clothing with a wonderful, yet minimal luxe appeal. And with Chloe's blockbuster trapeze collection from Spring 2006 still influencing scores of copyists, we understand that like the ill-faited tenure of Paulo Melim Andersson before her, MacGibbon is out to score new ground for Chloe. However, with Chloe's phenomenally high price-points, we find this new collection incredibly dull, and the purchase of any of these pieces incredibly hard to justify. Why go to Chloe for pieces like this when you can easily find items like these from the likes of A.P.C, J.Crew and Agnes B? Where are any of the cool, flirty, and undeniably fresh updates that made Chloe such a force to begin with?

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