Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Golden Globes Best Dressed: January Jones

This past Sunday the Golden Globes celebrated it's 66th annual awards show, and as usual, fashion-wise, it was a typically diluted affair. While starlets and their stylists love throwing the cliche term "old Hollywood glamor" out as much as possible, there are very few who manage to pull it off with any grace and good taste. Today that term basically translates to "safe" in a boring and even cowardly manner. No one seems to take chances or have any style that they can truly call their own. And while we may have recently seen her out-&-about in some questionable D&G and Ferragamo numbers, this past Sunday January Jones from "Mad Men" looked so cool, and so downright amazing in a manner that strictly felt very today! Jones was stunning in an icy blue matte satin Versace number that not only had a very Blade Runner/Thierry Mugler/40's starlet appeal to it, but it also geniously had pockets! Not only is she a beauty, but she is also a very, very exceptional actress! If she has a stylist out there, this time they did her well!

January Jones of "Mad Men," one of our favorite shows, at the Golden Globes in Versace

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Wow love it gorgeous!