Friday, January 16, 2009

A Funny Email Vnyc Received!

When you are online like our shop is, sometimes you get very funny, very random emails now & then. Yesterday we received this witty rant and honestly still can't stop laughing! We wanted to share it with you in all of it's whackiness.

It is titled "Fluffsnorkles?"-

"It says you do private viewings? Good, 'cause I would like to view your privates. I mean, I would like to view your pirates, or rather, spew your primates. 200 bucks for a pair of freakin' blue jeans... I mean ques que f**k? Can you make custom prophylactics from dolphin intestines? Hows about a pair of rayon nipple mittens? I predict a great future if you can just develop some fashin senze. Imagine if Edie Sedgewick and Amy Winehouse had a baby. Tres hot, mudder-fugger, tres fucking hot. Were you flying that plane? You parked it illegally, you know. RSVP, dudeman."

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