Saturday, January 24, 2009

Classic Helmut Lang by the man himself

90's HELMUT LANG Fitted Chinoiserie Top-$188

While we have truly missed HELMUT LANG'S visionary presence on the scene for the past few season's, we have to admit that every time we come across any of his pieces, they still seduce us! They were so ahead of their time and so austere & modern that they still look current if not forward even. He was the first to do many things, and when we find his dated pieces, it always astounds us when, for instance, the khaki "tape" skirt pictured below is from 1996, because like all of his creations, it just looks and feels so fresh.

HELMUT LANG Black Asymmetrical Ruffled Top-$198
90's HELMUT LANG Khaki "Black Tape" Skirt-$114
Men's HELMUT LANG Inside-Out Pocket Jeans-$180

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