Saturday, November 28, 2009

COMING SOON: New Holiday Arrivals Next Week

Here's a quick sneak-peek from our trove of luxe essentials to come in the next week from VagaBond Nyc's holiday range:

We love Gianni Versace, we love body-con, and we love a smart variation on the essential l-b-d, and this early 90's sculptural, opitcal checkered print Versace number, completely reinstated our appreciation of the iconic designer. Honestly, this quick snap doesn't do this dress justice, when it's on, all the intentional creases move away from the body, almost as if is paper, giving it this sensational va-va-voom shape. Then there's the fabric strings attached that you can make into a necklace or tie around the bust for a bold s&m direction. A single piece that you can easily take from haute lady to naughty? Now there's a whole new alternative to the "day-into-night" cliche.
Thanks to our love of Versace & Lacroix, and today's resurgence of all things Baroque, appreciating the unique beauty of these early 90's Charles Jourdan red suede court shoes came instinctively. They caught our eye with their in-your-face nod to the heavily gilded, flamboyant decorations of that era, and really hit the mark on what's right for today.

This 80's era blouson has so many irresistible qualities to it that it instantly becomes an easy must-have closet staple for year-round wear thanks to its tunic length dolman shape, puckered sleeves and floral rose gold metallic finish. Pair it with everything from men's flannel trousers to ivory shorts and drapey disco skirts, the directions you can take this are virtually endless.

Coming Soon: Dec. 7th/09

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