Wednesday, January 23, 2008

FLORAL WARRIOR at Vagabondnyc

For this up-coming spring and next fall, some of our favorite designers from DRIES VAN NOTEN to PRADA have not only been mixing prints like mad-men, they also re-introduced the notion of floral prints by adding an elusive edge with very sentimental yet contemporary blooms. It's exceptionally enthralling to see banality parlayed into something so effervescent!
And if you think its just a styling trick, you've thought wrong! Simply because, these aren't your granny's sweet peonies! They've been re-imagined through the canny eyes of globalism and stark urbanity. And we love Dries idea of just over-saturating your self in prints that evoke a refined, artisanal statement. You could mix it with geek like Prada or make it all sci-fi powered like Balenciaga! We thought we'd take a moment and reflect on some of our very own pieces that were inspired by this trend!

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