Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fall Into Quirky/Luxe Spring Looks at

90's Hand-beaded Bustier $182

Spring is finally here, and for us at Vnyc that mean's dropping all those dark layer's we love so much(the one's that tend to look so serious) for something lighter & more playful.
Besides the quick change in color choices, you will notice a lighter sense of ease, and a bit of a demure naivety in our favorite spring pieces.
Take for instance this hand-beaded Bergdorf Goodman bustier from the early 90's, it's rather sexy in shape and cut, as well as eye-catching with it's hilarious Looney Tunes depiction. If it were to be covered with almost anything else, it could give the wearer a risk of looking tawdry, but here it's just cheeky in a fresh sort of way!
Also, we are proud to announce that our newly redesigned website/e-commerce site will be up and running in a few weeks. Please be sure to check it out as often as you can!

Herve Leger Set $498 /70's Jodphurs $98 /80's Gaultier Skirt $178

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