Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Celebrate the Witty Humor of MOSCHINO at Vnyc

We may not be into the vicious heat of Nyc summers, but one thing is for sure, we at Vnyc, love re-directing our look! And with spring & summer comes a lighter sense of humor and ease. Now is the time to turn your back to black and jump at the chance to go wild with whimsical prints and pieces in an overall, not so serious attitude.
At the forefront of our favorite recent finds are four fantastically irreverent, charismatic and imaginative deluxe Moschino pieces that celebrate the genuine goals of Franco Moschino himself. The genius of Moschino's vision was the fact that he created these audacious looks for the luxury market while at the same time poking fun at high-end fashion's self-entitled seriousness.
So why not chill-out & relax a little in these white satin Monopoly-themed "Moschinopoly" print logo pants that have a fantastic high-waist.
Or bring out the hippie in you as seen through the quirky eye of the early 90's with these heart covered flares or these great political pop-print skinny pants.

And if you are looking for a beautifully tailored LBD, think about this chic "flow chart" number with it's well crafted asymmetrical panels and delicate number detailing. It's witty, well-implemented concept pushes it far from the stiff, vapid cocktail frocks you see today.
These four pieces touch on all of the great Moschino hallmarks and remind us of why & how much we truly adore this brand!

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