Thursday, October 1, 2009

Smart Buy: Rick Owens Loden Sweater Dress

Our latest Smart Buy comes from the genius of RICK OWENS with this smart loden shaggy knit sweater dress that has his signature romantic, brooding, sci-fi appeal. Like all of his designs, it has a dual beauty because on the one hand its a classic, sturdy, get-you-through-the fall & winter stand-by. But when it's on you see Owen's tendencies, the thick almost shaggy like your grandfather's old sweater fabrication, the generous cowl neck that can be worn as a hood, extra long dolman sleeves with uneven edges, almost pre dog-eared, and the romantic side ruching along one side all together make this one quiet, yet strong statement maker.

Rick Owens Loden Shaggy Knit Sci-Fi Sweaterdress:$398

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