Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chloe Pre-Fall 2010.

I dunno kids....I've loved Hannah MacGibbons' work for Chloe from the get go. I've also been hunting around for the pre-fall without any luck. Now I found it - a whopping 4 look collection - on a site that rarely lets me down, and that I love even more so for its relatively primitive interface- The Fashion Spot. (Incidentally, it's poached from WWD which I refuse to pay $130 a year for.) Well, I can't say as much for HM's quartet of early Seventies, Carnaby Street style looks. Maybe it's buried deep in the interwebs because it is pretty, well, just ok. Maybe there are only four looks because she decided to give up on the theme and look to another source of inspiration. All that said, I'll with-hold judgement. As I said, who's to say it has any bearing whatsoever on what we'll be seeing a month from now give or take. What do you think?

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