Thursday, February 4, 2010

Smarty Pants: Pants with Pleats Please

Over the past few season's the pant has been given quite the spotlight with designers churning out some of the best rethought & inventive takes, and we at Vnyc are more than happy to see options that aren't in the dark & skinny realm. While we like our jodhpurs, dhotti's, pajamas and what not, at the moment we're all about variations on the classic men's inspired pleated trouser. Worn with everything from t-shirts to ultra-femme chiffon & lace blouses, they instantly give the wearer a look that's put together, strong, and yet somehow relaxed. Belted, cuffed or layered, the beauty here is that there is a myriad of ways in which you can sport such a pant, from day into night. Here are some of our shop's favorite picks:

Take Armani's crisp navy wool knit trousers with delicate white Swiss dots, their pleated waist, graphic print and tapered leg happen to smartly channel this season's "It" pant while offering a chic way to beat the cold.

80's Girogio Armani Swiss-Dot Pleated Pants-$98(above)

Channel Hollywood's sartorially minded Rat-Pack with these 80's era Ralph Lauren trousers that have a wide leg and hidden suspender buttons.

80's Ralph Lauren Pleated Wide Leg Flannel Pants-$98

These 80's era Ralph Lauren moss green windowpaine plaid trousers with their high-waist and sumptuous wool composition are a smart way to add subtle color to drab winter blacks.

80's Ralph Lauren Moss Green Pleated Pants-$88

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