Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Aimee Mann's New-Wave Fav's at Vagabondnyc is happy to announce the launch of a very special range of early 80's avant-garde pioneers from the personal collection of singer/songwriter & New Wave icon Aimee Mann. Looking through her collection, the bulk of which come from Comme Des Garcons, Jean Paul Gaultier, Katherine Hamnett & Yohji Yamamoto, we were floored by these groundbreaking early designs and how relevant they were for today. While they channel the era's strong hyper-androgynous sensibilities, we like that they also exude a calm sense of assured sexuality and are reduced to simple shapes and clean unfussy lines. These aren't clothes for the sake of being avant-garde, instead they are clothes for the wearing.

They also happen to hit upon the inspiring personal style notes of Mrs. Mann herself, who was once known for championing the 80's hyper-androgynous, relaxed yet strong feeling.

Shop our Selection of Aimee Mann's Personal Favorites here... gave the collection a sweet write-up

Aimee Mann happened to wear this genius modified brocade Yohji Yamamoto sarong to the 1985 MTV Music Awards.

1985 Yohji Yamamoto Modified Brocade Sarong w Suspender

Mid 80's Yohji Yamamoto Relaxed-Fit Grey Shirt & Skinny Pants-$798, and Mrs. Mann wearing the shirt below in Til Tuesday's "Voices Carry" video:

Mid 80's Jean Paul Gaultier Pour Gibo Purple Modified Zoot-Suit-$418, and Mrs. Mann wearing our suit in an iconic press image for Til Tuesday below:

Mid 80's Katherine Hamnett White Relaxed-Fit Suit-$498, and Mrs. Mann performing in the mid-80's wearing our suit below:

Click here to check out or entire selection of Mrs. Mann's personal favorites!

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