Monday, May 17, 2010

Vnyc Thanks Zuburbia for Endless Shopping Ideas

Vnyc wanted to thank's Vintage Women's Blog for it's endless support of our shop & it's goods. Their VPOD or Vintage Pick of the Day continues to charm readers with dedicated daily selections of the best, carefully chosen vintage pieces up for grabs online. Here's what they said about our 80's era Gianfranco Ferre sweater:

Zuburbia's Vintage Pick of the Day: Vintage 1980s Gianfranco Ferre Sweater

80's Gianfranco Ferre Contrast Sweater-$284

"They say that vertical stripes make you appear slimmer. And they say that horizontal stripes make you appear wider. But I say that when you mix them all together like today’s VPOD, then stripes just look fantastic!

This bold 1980s graphic sweater by Gianfranco Ferre combines two of my favorites, grey and black, with two of my not-so-favorites, yellow and purple, for an eye-catching combination that I just love. Its criss-crossing design, its soft collar and its dolman sleeves are just begging for a body-hugging black catsuit or a simple pair of black slacks.

It’s a vintage separate that packs a real punch for a vintage fashionista!"

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