Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Jenifer Saunders

Jenifer Saunders, even though your birthday was yesterday, July 6th, and even though you have done so many remarkable things before & after Absolutely Fabulous, we couldn't think of a better way to salute you on your day without thinking, what fabulous things would Edina Monsoon find on our vintage site? After all, you gave the fashion world one of it's favorite comedic characters of all time, one who was obsessed with all things Lacroix and of course, being skinny. Here's to you!
What would Edina Monsoon fancy?-

Well of course this over-the-top tunic-length Jean Paul Gaultier suit would do quite well, if it would fit you Edina, that is.

Jean Paul Gaultier's 80's Zoot-Suit-$418

And we'd love to see you squeeze into this 90's era Moschino suit, stretching out the letters & all.

90's Moschino Printed Suit-$288

Only Edina would choose to add this bold Pucci minauderie to a full-on printed mess of an outfit, but at the end of the day, its still "Pucci, dahling."

Pucci Harlequin Minauderie-$188

Drunk memories of the swinging 60's perhaps? Channel your hallucinations in this breezy Vivienne Tam beauty.

80's Vivienne Tam Breezy Blouse-$278

A bright, loud, logo laden piece never did Edina any harm.

90's W.&L.T Logo Sweater-$202

And oh you poor thing Zandra Rhodes, remember when silly Patsy ruined your photoshoot in the early 70's? Well, Edina is still trying to fit into your 70's era hand-painted pants.

70's Zandra Rhodes Sari Pants-$598

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