Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Inspiration: Catherine Baba's Glamourous Mix

Ultimate Style: Catherine Baba

We know that the return of minimalism ranks high on fall's hit lists, and while we are on board too, there's something also quite inspiring in the rich style of stylist Catherine Baba.

In a way, she represents what we imagine the Vagabond girl to be. That being a hedonist at the art of high & low, a girl who madly mixes disparate garb from the past & today, updating them with strong, current accessories. Never heavy-handed, and never basic.

Catherine Baba's overall look has the heady appeal of YSL's infamous late 70's gypsy-inspired looks, and maybe part of her charm lies in the fact that most of the time, you can never pinpoint exactly who she is wearing. Like a true Vagabond, she has an adept understanding of the past & the present and is up for the challenge of the fine art of the mix.

Make Your Own Statement:
While this 80's era Jeanne Marc top boasts a naive print and ultra-girlie smock shape, we suggest you take it up a notch with armfuls of decadent bangles & a turban a la Baba.

80's Jeanne Marc Belted Smock Top-$172

This 80's era Claude Montana beauty may be good to go as-is spring/summer, yet come fall, imagine pairing it with luxe brocade pajama pants & layers of sumptuous fur.

80's Claude Montana Wrap Dress-$438

A true fan of 70's luxury can't do without a little bit of Azzaro elegance in her repertoire.

70's Azzaro Sunglasses-$176

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