Thursday, October 28, 2010

Before Grunge Was Commodified

There was this, the 3rd summer of love issue of the Face (July 1990), then the go-to mag for me and my friends for what was next. Corinne Day shot 16 year old Kate Moss in this seminal spread that really honestly changed the way I felt about fashion then, disarmed me in a way that felt off and good and human. It also represented the way my friends and I were already dressing. It was accessible and real, messy, plain and anti-glamour.

Day's pared down, documentary style pioneered the unfortunately monikered "grunge,"an aesthetic that came to define much of nineties fashion. That's when glamazon supers went out of vogue and insouciant flat chested teenagers were the shit. The impact this magazine editorial had on the industry cant be understated. It changed the way media imagined fashion and how the modeling industry defined beauty. I know it changed and inspired me, which is corny but there you go, I was a grunge kid. R.I.P Corinne Day.

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