Friday, February 25, 2011

Best of New York Fall 2011

While it's true that amidst a jam packed fashion schedule, New York designers aren't the ones who set the sartorial agenda, there were however, still a handful of exceptional Fall 2011 shows that caught our eye and are destined to inspire future buys for ourselves & the shop.

The Row(and above)

Shots of mellow color with an ample array of fur, cashmere and exotic skins with an elegant restraint made The Row's assertive signature take on minimalism New York's most undeniably luxurious outing and upped the label's ante from subtle to heritage glamour in the most impressive way. That's not to say the inclinations towards a louche sensibility have been abandoned, they've just been energized by a sincere take on old-money associations in the coolest way imaginable. Must-have's included the vaguely 20's beaded tunic & midi-skirt combos, the short mink knits, conal long-tailed fox fur hats, and chunky cashmere socks.

Proenza Shouler
While they do put on a good show, sometimes we find the reality of Proenza Shouler on the sales floor to be quite far from the cult of "cool" association that's been a major part of their trajectory in the ranks of venerable labels. Yet one things for sure, they are the most accomplished in terms of exploring the boundaries of urbane dressing in New York amongst their peers, and this they do with immaculate execution. Their mastery of clashing digital tribal inspired prints with convincingly modern knits, relaxed pants, and velvet dresses made this one of their best collections to date and one of New York's most distinguishable, wearable and easily covetable.


Suno's Max Osterweis & Erin Beatty's confidence in finessing demure prints paid off for Fall as they struck the appropriate level of quirk via wallpaper prints and oversized takes on prim layering that felt refreshingly fun, captivating and made for a bevy of smart layering options.

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