Tuesday, August 9, 2011

For Skins: Claude Montana Leather Gaucho

Ah leather ... the way it smells, feels, looks, and even sounds. Since the dawn of time man has swathed himself in skins, and that primitive, beastial approach to dressing persists to this day. Fair enough, 20th century leather has more to do with emitting tough vibes than it does with protecting oneself from the elements, but then again, 2,500 Hell's Angels can't be wrong.

In fact, our Vagabond circle of friends includes one very special girl whose specialty is mixing business with leather -- literally. Murphy Thiel, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology's celebrated menswear program, specializes in custom pieces that combine her interest in all things leather (check out her blog, fuck pleather), with her skilled workmanship. She won Best in Show for the 2010 Future of Fashion show at FIT, and continues to indulge her passion for pelts -- complete with an homage to our favorite food. Leather pizza?! So good Murphy herself had to sneak a slice.

Murphy Thiel leather jacket

In conclusion, we urge you to jam this tune, and slip on these sweet leather gauchos from Claude Montana. Who doesn't look good in leather? 

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