Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Do Something Different...

Being a fan of such period revivalist variety shows as The Citizen's Band and A Prairie Home Companion, we were thrilled to come across Brooklyn based performance troupe The Moon. Oh, the uniting power of vintage fashion!
The Moon's show is an old-fashioned vaudevillian mix of comedy, music, dance, videos, cartoons, clowns, and other interesting acts, all tied together with an ongoing storyline. The cast, known as Moonkids, all dress in vintage suits and costumes, so we are dying to check out what they're put together for their upcoming Fall Classic show. 

Now, before you start thinking this is one of those kitschy old-timey novelty acts you see doing the State Fair circuit, be advised that the type of humor you're likely to encounter at one of The Moon's shows veers more towards Steve Martin than Arthur Askey. There is a cerebral element to the writing, appealing to the nerdiness that dwells within us all.

On October 9 at 7:30 PM, The Moon is holding one of their specials at the brand-new Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre, at 155 East 3rd Street in the East Village. The show is called The Moon Fall Classic, and that evening will be featuring:
With additional appearances from the rest of the cast, including: Stephanie Fagan, Bryan Condon, Jordan Clifford, and Tim Skinner. 
Admission is $5 -- their last special performance sold out, so get em while you can and Vagabond will see you there! Click Here for the link. 
The Moon's past performances have included a tradition of performing those quote worthy scenes from classics such as Jurassic Park, and The Sandlot. Future installations that we have to look forward to are watershed moments from the likes of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, and Aliens! 

Trip McNealy was a sexual icon at Huntington Hills High. Now he’s a fucking joke. Mike Dexter better watch out, because he’s headed down the same path.

Trip: Kenny Pickett
Mike: Tim Skinner

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