Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vnyc Favorite: GIVENCHY by Ricardo Tisci

Ever since Ricardo Tisci took the reigns over at GIVENCHY when the label was barely keeping afloat, sartorially speaking, the venerable house has become one of our favorites in terms of inspiring our buys. And while Tisci has also had his fair share of nay-sayers & detractors, it's hard to resist the dark glamour & cool allure that he has built over the past few season's while still being able to maintain, manage and even update the house's own take on Parisian chic. This Spring we saw yet another fantastic show from him that played with the core concepts he has been referencing from season-to-season. And lucky for him, people are now catching on to his knack for strict, slim tailoring, organza ruffles and voluminous pleats, the perfectly decorated white blouse and his penchant for romanticism & Gothic/Catholic flare. Each season he has continued to deliver must-haves from the highly influential pyramid stud/nautical collection of last winter to the zany Peruvian acid-trip presentation of this fall's Couture. With the economy the way it is, and with fashion reacting to that climate and collections becoming increasingly stripped down, it's incredibly exciting to at least have this new energy. For next spring he hit all of our favorite notes from 90's body-con to sci-fi cowboy and these two looks are the ones that are going to be keeping us up at night until we can get our hands on them.

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