Friday, December 19, 2008

In An Absolut World by Helmut Lang ends 12.31.08

It should come as no surprise that we at Vagabond Nyc are crazy about 90's fashion & music, especially since it's the decade we both came of age in. And while we are often sadly reminded of the gaping hole left behind by Helmut Lang's superior presence on the fashion scene, we are glad to announce that he has once again brought his cunning vision to the art world with the help of Absolut Vodka and Greatworks. Lang as you know, was the first designer to showcase his collections online way, way back in 1998, and he has done it once again, this time using Absolut's pioneering online platform to exhibit his 'Alles Gleich Schwer' multi-media show. The online virtual gallery will be up until 12.31.08 and is full of beautiful, printable downloads.


And the final print 'Next Ever After,' with it's austere holiday theme, is also now available for download. To get it, go to the 'download' section on your D.O.B), save the file to your desktop, and in 5 seconds you'll have a digital art print that can be printed up to 24"x36", that's personalized with your unique download#, date, time, country & IP address.

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