Friday, February 6, 2009

New Looks Up at

Head to to check out three fresh additions to our "Looks" feature section! As you know, the "Looks" section is our own platform devoted to energizing the force of vintage through collaborative efforts with an exceptionally talented team to show you new ways of wearing vintage clothing. First up is look #5, "Lacer Cut": a fresh look at lace juxtaposed with a ferocious sports bent. Then there is look #4, "Fake-French": a romp through 70's Paris with it's military meets sci-fi meets uptown feel. And finally there is look #3, "Ghostface": our own take on classic American sportswear. We are also pleased to note that starting this March, we will have a new editorial online every month.

Pictured above is Veronica from look #3, "Ghostface"

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