Friday, February 20, 2009

90's Callaghan: Nicolas Ghesquière's Early Days

Like many of you out there, we are die-hard fans of Balenciaga, anything Nicholas Ghesquiere designs speaks volumes about the future of fashion, and looks drop dead cool! We wait with baited breathe for the debut of the next collection and try to get our hands on as many pieces as we can! Even though he took the house on at the tender age of 25, Ghesquiere was already proving his knack for creating truly original, fascinating clothing during the mid 90's at Callaghan. And needless to say, every time we come across anything Callaghan from his moment, we are head-over-heels obsessed. Take this beautiful richly embroidered CALLAGHAN flying shirt, so ahead of it's time since today, more than a decade after it's production, this shape is finally getting some much due attention.

These cropped flying shirts, no matter who designed them, are fantastic since they make a great companion to all of your high-waisted bottoms while making you appear taller, even leaner. While the dark, moody colorway lends some versatility to the piece so it can be worn year-round.

90's CALLAGHAN Wide Embroidered Cropped Shirt

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