Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hang Tough: 90's Gianni Versace Studded Blazer

Taken from the punk era, studs & grommets have made an indelible impact on fashion over the past decade,with every designer that's keen on keeping-up with what's cool plastering them all over their creations. From Balmain to BeBe, it's one of those trends that one could call a constant now, and with the urban warrior trend continually gaining momentum, it makes total sense. The key trick with studded hardware is to keep it sophisticated, keep it subtle and mix it up with items that are substantially luxe, yet low-key. Take this crazy-collectible sharp-shouldered black crepe boyfriend blazer from the early 90's by mad-maximalist GIANNI VERSACE that to us, looks so contemporary even almost 20 years after its production. Consider the streamlined shape, those structured power shoulders, and those genius ultra-luxe punk brushed Medusa pyramid studs on the cuffs and pocket flaps, it's not punk gone uptown, instead one could almost call it punk does minimalism.

90's GIANNI VERSACE Pyramid Stud Blazer-$1,198

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