Saturday, April 18, 2009

Inspiration: The Art & Music of Marnie Weber

Working with vintage, we at Vnyc consider ourselves quite lucky because all of our buys come with a sense of history that not only reflects the fashions of past times, but the history of the world at large, the tales that come with these finds are built in. This in turn gives us an endless window of inspiration to reappropriate, a forum for us to take our favorite notes from the past, be it related to music, film, art or any part of everyday life and create what you could call a collage, with the best of the past remastered and refigured in what we consider the spirit of today. And since this blog is basically another extension of our collage, we wanted to take a moment and start sharing our current aesthetic inspirations.

Artist MARNIE WEBER, wife of artist Jim Shaw, has had us mesmerized by her own collages that seem to channel our own play on the past with her mix of the bourjeoisie and the banal, juxtaposed by haunting visions of Americana and a delicate, sensual sense of femininity. At first her work seems to be a bit jarring in a light-hearted mischievous sense, but like our buys, it's her provocative use of symbols, of things we have always cherished, that we find so special and captivating. Weber has built an aesthetic world around this ideal that we find refreshingly cool, and if we could say anything, it's that we simply love her taste. Her band, The Spirit Girls, also happen to put out some painfully addictive albums, perfect for listening to while shopping Vnyc!

Marnie Weber & The Spirit Girls perform "I'm not a bunny"

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L&F said...

The bed is extraodinary. I think that could spring the most lack-luster person into action... SoHo