Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Look at VagaBondnyc.com: Ray

Head to Vnyc to check out our latest new look: Ray, inspired by the vision of Ray Petri, the late legendary stylist. We at Vagabond Nyc have always been fond of his mad-cap mix of designer rags teamed with bits of lingerie, athletic basics and under garments to create a strong look that juxtaposed the diverse street scenes of the 1980's. If anything, one could argue that Petri's high-lo contribution to fashion, his mix of genre defining elements, is exactly the way people dress today.

Our take on the era features various finds from our shop that are as disparate in concept from Jean Paul Gaultier bodysuits to a classic Chanel Tuxedo blouse complete with bow, all while trying not to get trapped in that all too literal 80's retro-box designers seem to be getting into these days.

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