Thursday, June 18, 2009

Inspiration: The Video Art of Catherine Sullivan

A still from Catherine Sullivan's Triangle of Need

We at Vnyc are always looking at different artist's and artistic mediums to help fuel our vintage buys and last year we were lucky enough to view Catherine Sullivan's performance film Triangle of Need, which was based on highly disparate references from Nigerian e-mail scams to figure skating and even a fictional Neanderthal language. Video art & performance art in general, to us is usually hit or miss and often feels too intellectualized, pretentious and almost always ridiculous.

Yet Triangle of Need, with it's operatic, silent movie feel, haunting Colonial imagery and fluid realization, was ambitiously genius and full of subtle, delightful provocation. For the piece, Sullivan worked with numerous collaborators, enlisting the expertise of Nigerian director Kunle Afolaya, composer Sean Griffin, choreographer Dylan Skybrook and figure skater Rohene Ward, among others. Working with such acclaimed collaborators gives the piece a concise, in-depth production value, making it not only a beautifully puzzling journey into the scathing psyhce of industrialism, but a beautiful, chaotic piece of work as well. We found it for you on Youtube, have already seen it about 20 times, and hope you enjoy it as well!

Featured Above: Catherine Sullivan's Triangle of Need

Featured Above: A brief interview with Catherine Sullivan on Art:21

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