Thursday, August 19, 2010

Comme Des Garcons at VagaBondnyc

Anyone who has a thing for avant-garde and beautifully crafted pieces with an intellectual bent most likely has a thing for Comme Des Garcons, the brainchild of Rei Kawakubo. Like Kansai & Yohji, CDG, as it is endearingly referred to, produces head-turning feats of wizardry that are as highly collectible as they are highly provocative. Here's a look at our favorite vintage scores from CDG...

Here's a typical CDG take on traditional tailoring with an unexpected blanket piece thats been tied around the shoulders for extra volume.

Comme Des Garcons Tie-Back Jacket-$458

CDG tapped 60's Mod icon Peggy Moffitt for a range that produced this clever trompe l'oiel knit top.

Comme Des Garcons Knit Top-$170

Another take on the traditional comes your way via this convertible shift dress thats composed out of a rich tonal brocade with contrasting menswear inpsired pinstriped wool.

Comme Des Garcons Convertible Length Dress-$328

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