Sunday, November 14, 2010

V pack up to POP-UP! Visualizing Vnyc's windows at BOND 07

We have inspiration boards in the studio and I recently cleared them off. The stuff up there just wasn't inspirational anymore. Funny how exciting it all was a month or so ago. Now it's tired. Fashion is fickle. Image hungry. I am too. So on to the new. What's more, and sorta coincidentally, we are celebrating the opening of our pop-up shop at Bond 07 by Selima Optique Wednesday, the 17th of November (you are invited!) and are busy with signage, invites and gathering images, inspirations and ideas for the window display.

SO what follows are a few of the things we have been looking at and thinking about and which we hope to convey in our first ever go-round with window dressing for the launch of our first-ever brick and mortar shop-in-shop hosted by Bond 07.
(circa 1900)
by Arthur Rackham
the original VagabondThis is the image that, some 4 years ago, inspired us to name ourselves Vagabond: A Victorian era fairy tale illustration by Arthur Rackham of a beautiful, elusive nomad girl named Catskin. She embodies what Vnyc is all about. V are nomad vagabond hunter-gatherers, constantly on the look-out for bits and pieces of beauty and inspiration in far-flung places. V are particular in our choices but practical as well. V aren't about glamour or perfection. Rather, we wear what pleases us regardless of what the rest of the world thinks. V are aesthetic creations of our own making. We love Catskin's beautiful fur pelts, wrapped round her waist carelessly and her bag - a bunch of floral scarves tied together and filled with what she has found on her travels. That's what we imagine anyhow. With her face, her hat, the ears poking out.

Remember when adding some little-kid stuff to your get-up was kind of a cool idea?

And Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis, how controversial that show was? Then Urban Outfitters stole grunges soul.


The modern vagabond
The high-end:

"Grunge Couture"
Vogue Paris 2005
Craig McDean
styled by:
Carine Roitfeld

The attitude

We are excited about this new phase in the world of VagabondNyc. Please join us as we celebrate this Wednesday, the 17th of November from 5-8 for champagne and macaroons at:
Bond 07 by Selima Optique
07 Bond Street
Can't wait to see you all!

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