Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Snap it Up: LN-CC's Number (N)ine Archival Sale

The world of mens fashion is always a bit hard for us to get our head's around, not to say that we don't follow or understand it, that we do, what's hard to comprehend is the politics of it all. There's the much lauded genius of Raf Simons vs. the undue hype that designers like Billy Reid with his studied take on banal classics, receive. Which in turn seems to be the problem, there's the good, the exceptionally good and then there's the lot who are dead set at producing what we all know too well. And while we are still recovering from the loss of Takahiro Miyashita's elusive label Number (N)ine(a major force in menswear and thoroughly original), we were excited to hear that London based boutique & online shop LN-CC will be holding an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime sale of archival pieces from seasons past. Hopefully, this time around there aren't any cotton jumpsuits above $10,000, as the company had up for grabs with their Raf Simons archive sale.

Visit LN-CC for further info

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