Friday, April 15, 2011

Micro-Trend S/S 2011: The Bold Red Blouse

Sharply tailored & unadorned, the simple red top, one of S/S 2011's boldest micro-trends, isn't only for the brave. You can trace it back to Ricardo Tisci's earlier days at Givenchy with his penchant for monochrome suiting in reds & pinks and all the way down to the editors being snapped up by fashion photogs outside of shows in the vivid hue, the color makes sense for right now. And while it suggests a brazen self confidence, a simple red top also adds an essential restrained burst of pop to any look. Here's a look at three favorites from our vintage range.

80's Diane Von Furstenburg Dropped Sleeve Blouse(above)-$82

70's Yves Saint Laurent Silk Ruffled Top-$262

80's Valentino Oversized Dolman Sleeve Top-$192

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