Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Let's Stretch Out Summer!

Not so fast, people. Even though it is everyone's instinctive tendency to proclaim summer to be over mid-way through July, the freest, most unfettered season has not yet come to a close. And it doesn't end as of Labor Day, either. Despite what the world says, summer isn't officially over until the solstice on September 21st. So until then, live it up! Run free, in cutoff jean shorts that are on their last leg and sneakers that make you feel as bouncy as a little kid, with your hair breeze-blown and salty, your mouth capriciously bright, and your eyes at once smoky and oceanic.

With that, here's some summer style inspiration, followed by some of the best products for achieving mermaid hair, blazing-hot lips, deep-sea eyes, and skin that looks like the sun gave it a soft air kiss (as opposed to a sunburnt open-mouth smooch):

Coconut oil has been getting a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. But instead of wasting this top-notch, 100% USDA-certified organic virgin coconut oil by swishing it around in your mouth, apply this as a rich moisturizer all over your body and hair, too. 

Both colors pack a punch that's a little bit orange, a little bit red, and a whole lot of energy. Genius with bronzy, glowing, slightly shimmering skin, for a "I just slapped this lipstick on for dinner after a long day rolling around in the sand."

After rimming your eyes in black liner (whether it's a rich kohl pencil or eyeshadow applied as liner with a thin, angled brush), swipe one of these on top or simply along the inner edges of your eyes and blend for a hint of exoticism that speaks of a life by the seashore. 

Many brands make beach-wave spray (Bumble and Bumble is heralded for the favorite original), but none smell as good or make you feel as luxurious - in a bohemian kind of way, of course - as the fine mist produced by Oribe. Beware: pressing the nozzle is vaguely addictive, so you're likely to finish a bottle sooner than you should. 

Have fantasies of frolicking in the South of France? Get one step closer with the help of this Vitamin E-enriched dry oil. Normally, stuff that makes your skin shimmer brings to mind products of the Victoria's Secret variety, but this just makes you feel like a sexy sun kitten. 

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