Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Trend-Spotting: Balenciaga Iconic Low-Rise Trousers

The Piece: Out of one of Nicholas Ghesquière's acclaimed collections for Balenciaga, these soft blue tonal-striped trousers are like flared jeans but better. They have just a few more discreet details, and therefore, lots more appeal. With an easy, low-slung fit and a front seam, they also possess a vaguely nautical feel that is spot-on for fall. Available now for $188. 

 Karlie Kloss making her lengthy stems look even longer in Paris 

The Trend: From the originals, like Jane Birkin, to the updaters, like Karlie Kloss, low-slung flares are a timeless staple for those who enjoy the path less traveled, as well as a little swing in their steps. There's no denying you walk a little differently when wearing bell-bottomed pants: it's a pop in the hip and swagger in the strut. So it's no surprise that flared, sea-faring jeans are being lauded as one of the number-one denim trends for Fall '14.

 Jane Birkin igniting denim envy in her favorite patchwork flares

 Meredith Melling-Burke modeling an ideal example of the Canadian tuxedo (left); Jane Birkin modeling an ideal example of DGAF chic with slouchy jeans and insane accessories (right)

How to Style It: You can go a number of ways with these (that's the beauty of this cut), as long as you stick to one essential mood: free and casual. The less fuss, the better, so feel liberated to accessorize with offbeat accessories, pump them up with platforms, and mix it up with a mismatched denim shirt or a cropped sweater. Just keep the attitude light and your hair perfectly imperfect. 

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