Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Sense of Childlike Wonderment & A Little Bill Blass Too

We here at Vagabond are proud to know so many young talented artists from the New York City area, and it is our pleasure to introduce to you the artwork from up and coming illustrator Ross Schaner. His work is whimsical and colorful, depicting flora and fauna from a technicolor world. The crude style belies this artist's gift for visual balance and simplistic rendering, with numerous references to the graphic style of Keith Haring, as well as German cartoons from the 70s. We are inspired by the childlike subject matter because it is approached in a way that makes it seem as if we've just ate some kind of mushroom. Just remember what the door mouse said and feed your head.

After looking through Schaner's blog, Jack in the Pulpit, we wanted to mimic his psychedelic naturalism style in this Bill Blass Contrast Striped Knife-Pleated Dress. Its multicolored stripes play with the eye, and we love the unexpected playfulness of the frog print on the pleated skirt.

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