Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Focus On: Versace (Again...)

With H&M launching ‘The Very Best of Versace’ in selected stores on November 19th, we have taken a look at the history of the man himself, Gianni. A veritable fashion ingenue and creator, it goes without saying that Versace altered the course of fashion history. Without him the institution of the ‘supermodel’ would never exist and the Medusa head would solely be representative of Greek myth and not an icon synonymous with the Italian fashion mega force.

Growing up in Calabria, Italy, Versace’s first foray into design started in his childhood as he assimilated dressmaking techniques from his mother.

The Gianni Versace line debuted in 1978. Eleven years later Versace showed his first haute couture collection.

As innovative as he was artistic, Versace designed for theatre, ballet and opera and in 1982 he launched ‘Oroton’, a chainmail he himself invented and presented at the Paris Opera.

1995 saw Versace’s first haute couture show in New York City.

Gianni’s sister and somewhat muse, Donnatella took the reigns at the Atelier following his murder at South Beach in 1997. The global power force that is Versace has never ceased to wane, culminating celebrity and embracing glamour at each and every turn.

A Versace piece can render instant fame, a la Elizabeth Hurley and that infamous safety pin dress. Versace is couture in the extreme and strikes a semblance with the wearer that ensures attention.

Versace Spring 1994

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