Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh Poor Atlas, the World's a Beast of a Burden

If ever there was an artist who so utilized her wardrobe so as to enhance (and not take away from, here's looking at you Germanotta) a performance it would have to be Florence Welch, often found accompanied by her 'Machine'.

Flowing locks and porcelain skin, Ms. Welch embodies ethereal fantasy. Her voice transcends the listener to whatever height she finds herself on when her voice emanates from her being.

Having just launched Ceremonials (on repeat here at VagaBond HQ!), the eagerly anticipated follow up to Lungs, Florence is about to embark upon a European tour. Something tells me that, unlike her contemporaries, she will stick to what works for her - beautiful flowing fabrics, delicate patterns and carefully selected vintage pieces - as opposed to violently revamping her image in accordance with a new album.

Everyone and their mother is award of her performance for Chanel in Paris at the S/S '12 show. When you're hand picked by M. Lagerfeld himself, what more reassurance do you need that your style is truly unequivocal? Added to this, she frequents our pop up store at Bond 07 and has selected some of our pieces for her own wardrobe. She's a true blue VagaBond girl...

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