Sunday, August 9, 2009

Accessory of the Week: 70's Lanvin Cocoa Hat

Hats, like we've said before, aren't really the smartest, most stylish option for some, but hey, that's depending on the hat right? Seriously, driving caps, trilbys, fedora's and even turbans, they've all given the world a lot of good and bad styling options. But then there's this sophisticated take on the safari hat from Lanvin circa the 70's, that's such an effortless piece to use to trick out and add weight to a look while capturing that elusive dose of quirky coolness. Its modified shape, rich color and smart chinstrap will successfully set you apart and instantly give you that too-cool, know-it-all, confident effect. In fact we liked it so much, and felt that it was so right for right now, so versatile & complimentary, that we used it to style dozens of our newest pieces with.

70's Lanvin Rounded Safari Hat w Chin Strap-$118

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